Pastorita Núñez | The Construction Czarina in Cuba

Pastorita Núñez shows Fidel Castro a model of houses to be built in East Havana Photo LinCu Archives

The Pastorita Núñez developments are named that way in honor of her first name. That is why in many towns in Cuba there is a Pastorite neighborhood.

The same way Pastorita built schools and other facilities while she had time left. The formidable project was financed by the National Lottery, which Castro soon swept out of the Cuban environment and pocketed the money.

La Habana del Este in 1961 Photo Archives LinCu
La Habana del Este in 1961. La Habana del Este was the flagship project of Pastorita Núñez’s constructions. Photo Archives LinCu

The only reason that Fidel Castro removed and politically annihilated Pastorita (according to well-reputed historical researchers) was because the tyrant saw in the brilliant girl a threat to his political leadership.

Certainly, Pastorita in 1959 was as famous in Cuba as Castro. She suffered the same fate as Camilo Cienfuegos, although Pastorita managed to save her skin, she died forgotten and abandoned in a Santovenia Nursing Home in 2012.

East Havana Building 54 Photo: Carlos V López Díaz

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