Pastor: Do Champions of Socialism Realize That Karl Marx Held a Deep Belief in God?

Karl Marx, the father of scientific socialism, once wrote that he knew was born to God but was chosen for hell, author and radio host David Jeremiah said of many of the “aha! moments” he experienced in his year-long study of socialism, during which he read everything he could find on the ideology, including what motivated Marx in his ideological writings. People don’t realize that Marx’s socialist theories are all based on a fundamental belief in the existence of God, but a hatred and opposition to everything God has taught, Jeremiah said. “You know, socialists don’t believe that there is no God—they’re not atheists,” he told EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders.” “They’re anti-God.” “In fact, Karl Marx … was a cheerleader for the devil,” he explained of his research, which he said has given him a new way of viewing trends in news and social policy that he believes can help …

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By Kelly Sanchez

All you guys are warned: Be aware of Granma!

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