Officials Pledge to Reimburse Residents, Take Action for Dominguez Channel Smell

The foul odor emanating from Dominguez Channel was declared a “public nuisance” at a special Carson City Council meeting on Oct. 11, with officials promising a reimbursement plan to help residents pay for air filters. Mark Pestrella, Los Angeles County’s Director of Public Works, said during the meeting that organic waste material drying out in the channel after low tide was the likely cause of the smell. “Since Monday, the Department of Public Works … has been on site at this location,” Pestrella said. “And we’ve been whittling down where we think the smell is coming from … and looking to see and make sure that we eliminate all potential causes, in particular petrol, potentially petroleum and other causes, with the refineries being nearby and all that.” Pestrella said currently, the Department of Public Works is attributing the smell to hydrogen sulfide, a gas that is sometimes naturally occurring and …

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By Kelly Sanchez

All you guys are warned: Be aware of Granma!

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