Newport Beach Residents Question Proposed Change to Elect Mayor

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.—Some residents are questioning an “Elect Our Mayor” city charter amendment measure by former mayor and current city councilman Will O’Neill that would make the mayor a resident-elected position instead of a rotated position within the council. The city currently operates under a council-manager system whereby voters choose each of their seven district council members in a citywide election, and the council members then rotate the mayor and mayor pro tem positions each year, usually for a one-year term though several have been chosen to hold the seat for more than one term. “It was interesting, last year, when I was mayor, and I was running for reelection to the city council, a number of people were surprised to find out that they weren’t voting for the mayor, they were voting for a city council member,” O’Neill told The Epoch Times. “A number of people asked why, and the …

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By Kelly Sanchez

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