Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Trump; Second Suit Dropped by Woman

A New York judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, who saw a second suit against him dropped by the woman who filed it. Judge Joel Cohen tossed a suit filed by former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen that had sought nearly $2 million to cover legal expenses. Cohen claimed Trump initially promised to cover the expenses but reneged. A written agreement between Cohen and the Trump Organization, which Cohen cited, explicitly contains a “no oral modification” clause, undercutting Cohen’s claims that an oral agreement differed from the written one, the judge ruled. Also, Cohen failed to prove that he become involved with investigations by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Congress, from which some of the expenses arose, due to his position at the organization, the judge added. Cohen pleaded guilty to several charges, including tax evasion, and was sentenced to three years in prison in late …

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By Kelly Sanchez

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