Irvine Deliberates $56M in Federal Funding

The City of Irvine began deliberating Oct. 12 on how to allocate the $56 million it received through the federally-funded American Rescue Plan Act. The $56 million in federal funding is split into five categories: $28 million for quality of life, $5.2 million for the natural environment, $6 million into traffic and mobility, $14.5 million for fiscal strength, and $2.7 million for organizational excellence. Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan proposed shifting funding from traffic and mobility items—totaling $8 million—and using those funds toward quality of life. Khan proposed spending $365,000 on ending food insecurity, $1 million for the implementation of a climate action plan, $200,000 to implement a diversity, equity, and inclusion action plan, and $200,000 to install air quality devices near the All American Asphalt plant. Former Irvine Mayor Christina Shea said she was concerned the council would not allocate enough money going toward pandemic-related losses, which is the purpose …

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By Kelly Sanchez

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